Iphone 6 Screen Replacement

I started by using my heat gun to warm the edges of the phone. This helps to loosen any adhesive keeping it in place. I then unscrewed the 2 bottom pentalobe screws either side of the charging port. My suction cup helped to lift the screen whilst I traced the edge of the phone with a plastic chip to raise it at the edges.

I then lifted the old broken screen up, removed the metal protection plate and disconnected the internal cables. They are much like laptop cables, although much more fragile. Once the screen was completely seperate to the handset I unclipped the battery, thats a must when changing phone screens as an electrical current going around the circuit can cause things to short and break.

I removed the old button from the broken screen, I needed to do this or else the phones touch ID will no longer work. This is the same for all Iphones. If the original button is in perfect working order I will use it with the new screen. Once I installed the button into the new screen it was time to check.

I plugged the cables back into their ports, they snap in almost like lego. I reconnected the battery and turned the phone on. It worked fine first time. I turned off the phone and retightened the protective plates. Fastened the screen carefully back into the chassy and tightened the two screws at the bottom of the phone. Job Done!

Take a look at my before and afters to see the difference!

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