Hardware Replacement & Software Update

Today at Burnham Computer Repairs we had a very old but very capable computer come through the doors. It needed a hardware replacement, some software updates and a general computer service.

I started by removing the old outdated 1GB DDR2 ram and replaced it with 8GB DDR2 ram. This upgrade is huge and would help us with step 2 of the process. I then backed up all the data to an external hard drive as a safety precaution and began to update the outdated operating software to windows 10. The computer was quite old so this took a while.

Once the computer finished upgrading I ran some tests to make sure everything was running smoothly and installed some missing drivers. After the initial boot the computer ran great, and I could see the improvements really paid off. I continues to remove any bloatware from the system and installed some newer softwares - Office 365 & a new internet security mainly.

Once the internals of the PC were done it was time to give it an external clean. I wiped over the motherboard with isopropyl alcohol and got rid of any excess dust with a can of compressed air. I then wiped the inside and outside of the computer case to make sure it was in the best condition for the owner.

Once finished I ran some final tests to make sure I didn't move any wires when cleaning it and it was all done. A job well done if I do say so myself.

Thanks for reading - Don't forget to contact us for any of your tech needs!

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