Garmin 1030 Edge Restoration

When the garmin came through my door I was super excited as it was different and something I had not worked with before. I am so used to phone screen repairs, laptop screen replacements and software issues that other items like this can get overlooked. At Burnham Computer Repairs we strive to offer diversity in our services so repairing this item was a great place to start.

I started by heating the edge of the device and gently removing the old shards of glass that were left stuck to the edge of the device. This reminded me alot of an Ipad repair from the way the glass stuck to the chassis, so removing it was a process I am relatively comfortable with.

Once the old glass was removed from the device I could pick away the adhesive that was holding it in place. This is a slow and monotonous process but it is vital if we want to restore any of the water resistant characteristics of the device. Once the adhesive was removed we were ready to add the new waterproof adhesive.

I connected the new screen via the ribbon cable from the LCD and then added a layer of adhesive around the edge of the device. I then slowly lowered the new screen to align with the chassis and added a small amount of pressure to ensure the adhesive dries with god contact.

Once it was finished drying I turned it on to make sure it worked and voila - the device was fixed.

I had a great time working on something new and I am very happy with the final result.

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