Custom Gaming PC Build With RGB Fans

Burnham Computer Repairs offer a variety of services to customers wherever they are in the country. We offer a Mail'n'Mend service where you can send your device that needs repairing and we can send it back. This includes all computer issues from hardware replacements, phone and laptop screen replacements, battery repairs and more.

A customer reached out to us from Derbyshire and told us he wanted to build his own custom PC. We set to work designing a build and once it was to a spec we were happy with with the client set to work ordering the components and getting them delivered directly to our address.

I first set to work by unboxing the motherboard, CPU, cooler and ram. Once it was unboxed I put it together and used my test drive to make sure we could post. I made it to the bios screen which was exactly what I wanted so I was happy to continue with the build. I Installed the motherboard into the case along with the IO shield and screwed it in place.

Once this was in place I installed the PSU and routed the wires in the most conventional and neatest way possible then tested to see if the CPU cooler would spin. It did - again I was in a position to carry on with the next stage of the build. I removed the top and front panel on the case and screwed in the extra RGB fans then connected them to the fan and RGB headers on the motherboard and in the case.

I put the dedicated graphics card into the pcie x16 lane and connected the 6pin pcie power adaptor. I then screwed the 2 HDDs and 1 SSD into their cages and connected the sata and sata power cables to them. Once this was done I fired up the machine to see if it would post - It did.

Finally I tidied up the remainder of the cables and installed windows 10 onto the machine. I ran some stress tests for the machine to make sure all was working as expected. Once I was happy I securely packaged the PC into a box and arranged for collection the following day. I put it into the box with the styrofoam protectors and added some additional bubble wrap for protection.

Overall the entire build took almost 8 hours but it was a pleasure to work on and I had alot of fun doing it. If you need a custom machine or anything remotely similar to this then please do get in touch and we can design and plan a build to work around you.

Thanks for reading and please check out our other posts to see what else we get up to!

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