What Do We Offer

Laptop/PC Servicing

PCs like cars also need to be looked after, they can slow down, get clogged up and start working slower than when you first bought them. This can be a range of things from bloatware installations to dusty components - causing your machine to warm up and stopping it reaching its full potential. I will give your machine some the love it deserves - cleaning it up, so its sharper than ever before.

Phone/Tablet Battery


All devices that are powered by a battery will have a cycle count that will record how many cycles your battery has had. Some devices such as apple macs will clearly have this visible, but others don't and after a while you will notice the screen time on your device is shortening between charges. We can offer genuine battery replacements to keep your phones and other devices in their optimal conditions for many years to come.

Virus Removal/Software Upgrades

It is easy to mistakenly install trojans and viruses to your PC. Whats important is removing them quickly. Some computer virus are lethal, and can not only kill your machine, but access private information on your computer. This is your number one priority. If you see any weird popups or notice your computer acting odd, give me a call. I will clean it up and install an internet security software to it.

Custom PC Builds

When puchasing PCs online you pay over the odds for a system which is much less to buy and build yourself. I can help you design a PC, and build it too. Wether it be for gaming, work loads or just general use and allow you to save money whilst doing so. All my PCs in the last few years have been computers I've designed and built myself.

Phone/Laptop/Ipad Screen Replacement

Phone, ipad and laptop screen replacement service on offer. This is subject to device model. Turnaround times may very due to part deliveries etc. Pre contacting me to order parts will speed up this process. All phone screen replacements can be completed within a few hours if you contact me prior to dropping off your device so I can order the necessary part.

Software and Operating

System Installs

With the introduction of windows 10 using applications such as Microsoft word, excel, outlook etc are all on the rise. Alongside this, every computer should have an internet security software to keep you protected when you're online. I can install these and set them up for you so you're protected and safe when online.

Games Console Repairs

Games consoles can become damaged and broken for a variety of different reasons. The most common way a games console loses performance is overheating. Everybody forgets that a PS4 is just a simplified computer, and on the inside everything works the same way. If your games console feels slow or isn't working up to standard give us a call and we can diagnose the root cause of the issue.

Hardware Repair/Replacement

After a while PC components become slower and struggle to keep up with newer software and operating system upgrades. This doesn't mean you have to replace your whole machine. I can look over your PC and advise you on what needs upgrading for the most beneficial performance upgrade. Alternatively, when hardware eventually breaks or fails, I can attempt to revive the hardware, or again advise of suitable replacements and install it.

Professional Advice

We understand for many people buying new technology such as laptops, computers, tablets and even phones can be a daunting process. Are you worried about overpaying for tech because you dont know what you are looking for? We are here to help, we can advise you on what tech we think will suit your needs best, and give you a target price to aim for so you dont overspend.


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