Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash once I have finished your job or upon collection of your devices. Bank transfer is also available upon request but is to be made before collection of devices.

Do you only use original replacement parts?

Absolutely. Cheaping out on parts is a surefire way for endless problems down the line. By correcting the root cause of the error at present by using the proper components and repairing the problem properly will cause your devices lifespan to increase dramatically.

How long will it take you to repair my items?

The time to repair each device varies. For software issues or screen replacements the work can be completed the same day. But if parts need to be ordered its advised you contact me prior so that your time without your device is minimised.

Will I be charged if you fail to repair my item?

On the very rare occassion that I am unable to solve the issue with your machine, no charge for works carried out will be invoiced. However all parts purchased on your behalf will have to be paid for - I will never purchase any parts without consulting the client first.